Cookie Policy

Understanding Cookies: Your Guide and Choices


What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files saved on your device (like computers or smartphones) by websites you visit. They contain unique identifiers and can remember your site preferences, simplify online shopping, and improve site navigation. Without cookies, websites won’t recognize you on each visit.


Legal Compliance and Your Rights

Under UK law, it’s our duty to inform you about our cookie usage and obtain your consent for storing them on your device. This includes explaining their functionality and your right to accept or refuse them.


Different Types of Cookies

– First Party Cookies: Set by the site you’re visiting.

– Third Party Cookies: Placed by external organizations (e.g., analytics services or embedded content from sites like YouTube).

– Session Cookies: Temporary cookies that disappear after closing your browser.

– Persistent Cookies: Stay on your device for a predefined duration, retaining your preferences over time.


Controlling Your Cookie Preferences

Although generally harmless, you might want to manage cookies to limit targeted advertising. Adjust your cookie settings at any time through our website link, but note this may impact your browsing experience.


Detailed Cookie Information

Explore in-depth cookie details at [All About Cookies]( and [Internet Advertising Bureau]( Our site employs various cookies, including:


– Advertisement Cookies: Customizing advertising to your interests.

– Analytical Cookies: Gaining insights into user interaction.

– Functional Cookies: Enabling features like social media sharing.

– Necessary Cookies: Crucial for fundamental site functions and security.

– Uncategorized Cookies: Under analysis and unclassified.

– Performance Cookies: Boosting website efficiency.


Consent and Cookie Management

We use specific cookies (e.g., ‘cookielawinfo-checkbox-‘) to track your cookie preferences without storing personal data.


SEO-Friendly Summary:

Discover how cookies enhance your web experience on our site. We provide clear insights into cookie types, your rights under UK law, and how to manage your preferences for a customized, secure online journey. Stay informed and in control of your digital footprint.