Terms of Business

  1. Our Agreement

– Scope: These Terms of Business complement any Booking agreement, defining mutual rights and responsibilities.

– Acceptance: Work commences upon your acceptance of our Booking, either verbally or through written communication.

– Services: Detailed in the Booking and amendable via email or revised Booking.

– Data Processing: Written instructions are required for personal data processing, which can be specified in our Data Processing Form or your own instructions.


  1. Expectations

– Quality Standards: Defined in the Booking.

– Location and Travel: Work is usually at our premises; travel incurs additional charges.

– Objectives: Our goals include supporting your business and aligning with your key timings.

– Cooperation: Your timely resource provision and clear task guidelines are crucial.

– Equipment and Insurance: We typically provide necessary equipment. Insurance details, if any, are specified in the Booking.


  1. Business Arrangements

– Nature of Service: We operate on a business-to-business basis.

– Independence: We maintain our own marketing and client base, independent of your control.

– Authority: The Booking designates an authorized person for payment and changes approvals.


  1. Business Continuity and Resilience

– Substitutes: Provisions for holiday and sickness cover.

– Expertise and Delegation: Utilizing experts and delegating tasks to meet your deadlines.

– Confidentiality and GDPR: Team members adhere to confidentiality and GDPR standards.


  1. Timing and Standard of Services

– Delivery: Services are delivered as per the timetable in the Booking. Adjustments may be necessary based on your resource and information availability.

– Availability: Outlined in the Booking or our website, with additional charges for out-of-hours work.


  1. Fees, Payments, and Expenses

– Charges: As per the Booking, including additional expenses and applicable VAT.

– Payment Terms: Detailed in the Booking, including consequences of late payment.

– Data Audit Charges: Additional charges for GDPR compliance audits or legal disclosures.

– Post-Termination Charges: Handling over data or enquiries after Booking termination incurs charges.


  1. Rights to Use / Copyright

– Ownership: Rights to the work are ours until full payment, after which created materials are assigned to you.

– Copyright: You are responsible for not infringing on third-party rights in materials provided to us.


  1. Policies and Procedures

– Problem Resolution: Immediate communication for any issues or queries.

– Health and Safety: Our responsibility at our premises; covered by your policy at your location.

– Data Handling: In line with our data privacy policy, including international data transfers.


  1. Confidential Information

– Confidentiality: We use your information solely for service provision, except as required by law.

– Document Handling: We agree on secure transfer methods for confidential documents.

– Social Media and Log-ins: Managed as per Booking instructions.


  1. Data Privacy

– Processing: In accordance with our data privacy policy and your written instructions.

– Breach Notification: Immediate notification and assistance in case of data breaches.

– Post-Service Data Handling: Deletion or return of third-party data upon request, subject to additional charges.


  1. Restriction and Limitation

– Non-Solicitation: Restrictions on directly hiring our associates or employees.

– Liability: Limitations on our liability, with potential for adjusted liability limits subject to insurance coverage.


  1. Termination

– Conditions: Details when and how either party can terminate the Booking.

– Post-Termination Work: Involves additional charges.


  1. Definitions and Law

– Terms Clarification: Definitions of key terms used in these Terms of Business.

– Legal Compliance: Our agreements comply with English law and are under the jurisdiction of English courts.


SEO-Friendly Summary: Our agreement outlines the terms of business engagements, detailing services, expectations, fees, data handling, and rights. Emphasizing cooperation, confidentiality, and compliance, it ensures clear communication and mutual understanding, all governed by English law.